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From the Desk of Tony Laidig...

re: The Times are Changing Once Again...

As product creators and publishers, we live in exciting times! The past few years have brought massive change to industries that we thought were immovable. Not too long ago, it was nearly impossible for the average person like you and me to...
  • Publish our own book without a publisher. Now we can!
  • Produce our own television show without a network. Now we can!
  • Film our own movies without Hollywood. Now we can!
  • Record our own albums without record companies. Now we can!
  • Create our own physical products without manufacturing companies. Now we can!
And NOW we are witnessing a major shift in another huge market...Fiction! Not long ago, writing fiction (and actually getting it published) was often more challenging than pinning the tail on a moving donkey! But with the rise of self-publishing methods and the popularity of (and ease of producing) digital e-books, publishing fiction in ALL it's forms is NOW within reach of ANYONE with a story to tell! Take a look at the top five most popular fiction genres and what they're producing in sales:
Fiction Genre
Science Fiction/Fantasy
$1.44 billion
$728.2 million
$720 million
$590.2 million
$79.6 million
Want a piece of that massive pie? too! And, BTW, those numbers do NOT include Children's Picture Books, Children's Literature or Teen and Young Adult books! Factor those in and, well, I think you get the story! 

Readers of fiction are constantly searching for new authors and new series to read. They read because they enjoy the escape. I remember when I was young, my Mom always read (still does). Her favorite author was Grace Livingston Hill and she had every book. And she read most of those books dozens of times! Imagine if Mom's next series was written by YOU!
Something Old, Something New...
What This “Shift” Means for Me and You!
There are MILLIONS of fiction stories and characters in EVERY genre available in the Public Domain. Most people ignore the majority of "old" fiction in favor of the classics. What that means for you and me, however, is an amazing opportunity to find fiction content that can be reinvented. 

A few examples of those who have captured the vision of reinventing fiction available in the Public Domain:
    • Quirk Books: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies is an example. Based on the novel by Jane Austen.
    • Disney: Frozen is one example of dozens. Based on Snow Queen by Hans Christian Anderson.
    • King Arthur: MANY books and movies have been created about this one character from the Public Domain.
    • American McGee's Alice: A third-person psychological horror action-adventure video game based on based
      on the inhabitants of Lewis Carroll's original novels.
Perhaps You’re Thinking...
I'm not a writer!
The good news is that you don't need to be. Because you're starting with existing, proven content, the pressure to create something new and original is gone. And the publishing process is just like ANY other type of book.
I don't know how to develop characters.
You don't need to! That work has already been done for you by qualified writers! I will show you where to find the content you need and how to turn it into unique new stories. Think of it as Mad Libs (a template word game where one player prompts others for a list of words to substitute for blanks in a story, before reading the often comical or nonsensical story aloud.) for fiction. It's all right in the Public Domain waiting for you!
I have no idea what genre to choose.
There are over 20 primary genres (and many more sub-genres) to choose from. What interests you? Science Fiction? Horror? Romance? Fables? There is PLENTY to choose from!
Most fiction is based on archetypes that are programmed into all humanity. We naturally respond and relate to stories based on: The hero's quest, the poor becoming rich, the damsel in distress, the evil genius and others.
By using fiction from the Public Domain, we are simply presenting those stories in a fresh new way! Think about it...I'm quite sure Jane Austen NEVER imagined her story being rewritten to include zombies. Yet Pride and Prejudice and Zombies went on to become a best-selling novel AND movie!

Our task is to simply present existing fiction in a new way. And with today's technology, some proven content and a little creativity, we (you and me) can do just that!
Introducing...“Public Domain Fiction Hacks”
In this BRAND-NEW Public Domain Workshop, you will discover how you can easily tap into the Billion Dollar Fiction market by creating your OWN fiction books and e-books using Proven Content from the Public Domain!

Here is what we will be covering during this live Workshop:
  • The best genres of fiction to focus on.
  • The top Public Domain sources for fiction content.
  • Adapting unrelated stories into a brand-new series!
  • A comprehensive list of characters and story types in the Public Domain.
  • Which age groups are the best for creating fiction.
  • Using visual aids to help you tell new stories.
  • Rewriting strategies that save you time and effort.
  • The "What if" approach to character development.
  • And much more!
This is a wide-open market and, over the course of this training, I'll reveal what you need to know to get started in "hacking" the Public Domain to create your OWN works of fiction! What stories are waiting for you to retell with YOUR creative spin on them? Let's find out together!

This is honestly going to be an exciting training that you definitely do NOT want to miss! 
Your Investment TODAY...
This workshop easily shares enough value and insights to justify a $197 price point...but I also recognize the importance of getting this information into as many of your hands as possible. This is a steadily growing market and NOW is the time to take action to ride the wave. And unlike the fading Coloring Book trend, the demand for quality fiction in many genres and age groups is going to increase exponentially in the coming years. This is an evergreen market that's here to stay! 

For those reasons and others, I am positioning this workshop so that YOU can make an EASY buying decision, which is why I have decided to decrease the Introductory Pricing to...
Just $197 $97
Introductory Pricing...
Just $67
Your Wise Investment TODAY includes:
  • Ongoing Access to ALL Video Replays and Materials
  • Course Slides PDF from All Three Modules
  • BONUS: Dedicated “Hacks” Facebook Group
  • BONUS: Story Character Development Video Training
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